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Locale patcher for Microsoft Project Professional and Microsoft Project Server 2003

One of the common problems in Microsoft EPM installation is inability to connect Project Professional to Project Server. The symptom of this error is: when connecting from Project Professional after login and password prompt appears the message saying that connection error occurred.

The background of the problem is using the Enterprise Global Template. Project Pro has to download it from the Project Server and does it after authorization. But after the Enterprise Global is downloaded locally it has to be loaded into Project Professional. And here the checking occurs: system compares the language of template (which is by default the language of Project Server localization) and the default locale of the system where Project Professional is installed. If they are different the template can't be loaded and an error comes up.

So here are 3 ways to solve this problem.

  1. Change the client default locale.
    You can change the default locale at the client workstation to the language of Project Server localization (i.e. if you have an English Project Server installed you have to change the default locate to English). The disadvantage is that some software already installed at your workstation may be incompatible with new locale.
  2. Upload new enterprise Global.
    This may help if all of the PMs in your organization have the same default locale installed. If no, those who have different locale from what you have won't see your Enterprise Global and will get a connection error.
  3. Install Locale Patch.
    The best way for mixed environment is to use LocalePatcher that applies Microsoft suggested registry hotfix to your system and makes any locale compatible to any language at server. You may download this LocalePatcher by clicking the link below.

Locale Patcher for Project Professional and Project Server.

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