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Task Detailing for Microsoft Project Server 2003

Top-down planning is a widely used approach, when project manager specifies project phases or large tasks. Later team leads or team members assigned to those phases or tasks plan them in detail. While planning in detail they need to keep untouched original time and work constraints specified by the project manager.

To provide top-down planning capability using standard Microsoft EPM tools is possible using master projects. But this requires Microsoft Project Professional for those users that are involved in detailed planning process. So you should obtain expensive licenses and invest into end-user training. Moreover, this scenario will require development of detailed end-user manuals, planning process description and also sophisticated Project Server security setup.

In response to numerous customer requests we have developed a simple solution that provides top-down planning capabilities using Microsoft Project Web Access, not Microsoft Project Professional. With this solution team leads or team members can break down tasks that were assigned to them, with additional Web Access button. After project managers acceptance, the tasks that was broken down, is converted into summary task. The subtasks that were created by team lead or team member are added into this summary task.

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