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Assignments Clean-up for Microsoft Project Server 2003

Assignments clean-up is a simple tool that allows you to clean up SQL database from deleted tasks and assignments.  Managed through the Microsoft Project Server Web Access.
There are many situations when you might need to delete tasks or assignments in Microsoft EPM.
At the same time records about these tasks and assignments remain in SQL Database.
These garbage data stock up with time.

Also, when a task or its assignment is deleted, resource still views the task in Timesheet (this task was previously assigned to this certain resource).
As a result, non-actual tasks accumulate in Timesheet task list.


Bogdanov and Associates developed Assignments clean-up utility which integrates seamlessly into Project Server Web Access and actualizes SQL database, cleaning it up from deleted tasks and assignments.
It cleans up task lists of recourses, so that task does not show up once it or its assignment was deleted.
And all of it is performed with a single click.

Following groups have permissions by default:

  • Project Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Administrators

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