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Project Meter Gadget

Project Meter Gadget is easy-to-use tool that allows Project Managers to get the actual project information fast and easily!

Project Meter Gadget is a mini-program that intended for tracking actual state of projects. Gadget makes real-time countdown till the planned date of project completion and also shows the percentage of project completion. Gadget works as a visual reminder for project managers as well as for project team members.

Gadget is developed specially for Microsoft Vista operation system and Microsoft EPM 2007.

Project Meter Gadget is displayed on Windows Vista sidebar. Gadget is very space-saving. It is easy to start and to use.

All that you need to get Gadget working is just to select the project from the drop-down list. Notably there are displayed only projects accessible for you in the drop-down list. Also you can choose the format of time displaying and interface language: English or Russian.

Several Gadgets can work independently displaying different projects parameters at the same time.

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